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InnerSlim’s specialized approach focuses on targeted muscle stimulation, triggering profound muscle contractions. This promotes the expansion of myofibrils, muscle enlargement, collagen generation, and the birth of new muscle fibers. Consequently, muscles become stronger and exhibit a refined shape and aesthetic.

When muscles engage in these powerful contractions, they consume more energy, prompting efficient fat breakdown and swift blood flow. The increased circulation of blood and lymph further augments the body’s metabolism, facilitating the disposal of waste and toxins and fortifying your immunity.

High Pulse Electromagnetic Technology for a Sculpted You!

Utilizing advanced electromagnetic wave technology, targeted muscles experience intense contractions. These powerful contractions promote muscle growth, boost the production of collagen chains, and foster the development of new muscle fibers. This not only strengthens muscles but also enhances their form and look.

Moreover, these muscle contractions are energy-intensive, leading to substantial fat breakdown and increased blood circulation. When muscles contract intensely, there’s a surge in blood and lymphatic flow. This surge boosts metabolism and aids in flushing out waste and toxins from fat breakdown, contributing to enhanced immunity.

For optimal results, it’s suggested to use the InnerSlim device for 30 minutes, twice a week. Every program in InnerSlim simulates the feel and impact of real workouts. A single 30-minute session comprises a 1-minute stretch, a 5-minute warmup, four distinct 5-minute weight exercises, and a 4-minute cool down.

However, results and durations can differ among individuals, depending on their objectives, lifestyles, and body composition.

Real Case of Abdominal Effects

Real Case of Hip/Buttock Effects