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Laser Therapy Acupuncture Pen

Laser Therapy Acupuncture Pen is a high-tech electronic product researched and developed using the Chinese medicine meridian system,
based on both low frequency impulse and laser therapy theories. It can automatically detect and treat acupuncture points using electronic impulse
and laser irradiation and thus achieve early prevention, cell activation and
improvement of blood circulation. It can be used for daily body care, unlike
the traditional design of therapeutic instruments allowing single applications.
It is also convenient to carry.

1) Uses electronic impulse and acupuncture heads instead of Chinese traditional
acupuncture and scraping methods, thus being more portable.
2) Uses 650nm laser for biological laser irradiation.
3) Easy to use.
4) It is ergonomic, well-designed.

How it Benefits the Body

1) Electronic Impulse Theory:
Using low frequency electronic impulses which stimulate the nerve cells
of the muscle and encourage expansion and contraction. This allows increased blood to flow into the weakened tissue, which brings proteins and essential nutrients to the area for pain relief.

2) Massage Therapy Theory:
It combines theories of classical Chinese therapeutic treatments
and modern micro electronic technology to produce a personalized massage
experience for the user. There are two metal treatment caps: the spheroidal
shape cap and the dome shape cap.

3) Biological Laser Therapy Theory:
It has two 650nm laser heads, achieved by energy effect and biological
effect of biological laser, which improve blood quality, blood circulation,
and metabolism.

The twelve meridians in the body

Influenced by the wind, cold and hot temperatures, moisture or dryness which can be seriously damaging to human health. Each meridian has positions that become easily blocked. The lumbar yang pass of the Du meridian is the port which is easiest to be blocked during the upper delivery of Yang-Qi of the De meridian.

Do you know the reason why many people are susceptible to suffer from backaches and lumbar muscle aches? In fact, it is relatable to the “traffic black spot” on the channels. Therefor the strengthening of these channels daily is very important for the maintenance of the channels and vessels.

We’ve found through our long-time practices
that these channels always suffer from pain, tubercles and abnormal reactions. We may not feel anything unusual at the time, however,
once there is any abnormality in the channels and viscera, they usually react correspondingly. The symptom may only be obvious by touching them in the beginning. You can detect your “traffic black spots” according to your symptoms (i.e. the pain of diabetes, mellitus and gynecopathy). So, you should apply various meridian therapies to break through these “traffic
black spots” in the channels and do so on a daily basis.

Purchase Price: $299.00