Acoustic Light Wave

A Plasma Tube Antenna that emits a continuous frequency through the air, similar to a radio tower.

State of the Art Frequency Broadcast Device

Acoustic Light Wave

The Acoustic Light Wave uses a radio transmitter to excite a plasma gas formed within a glass tube. When energy is emitted from the plasma tube antenna, it can be absorbed by an object when its resistance matches. When the resistance of the wave emitted from the plasma tube matches a microorganism ( Bacteria, Viruses, etc ) it disintegrates through membrane disruption in the body.

Benefits of Acoustic Light Wave Therapy
The course and time duration of sessions will depend on your specific needs, however, most clients will notice changes or improvements within a minimum of 5 sessions.

Some protocols that can show benefit with one session using the ALW, for instance, onset symptoms include:

Symptoms of Common Cold
Bladder/Urogenital Discomfort
Sinus Issues

Purchase Price: $6,900

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