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Inner-Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed
Inner Acoustic Aqua Bed can work wonders with pain
Often chronic pain that has lasted years and defied all forms of treatment can be relieved in minutes with Acoustic Vibration Stimulation (AVS).

The nerves for the perception of pain (nociception) and posture (proprioception) share the same pathways. By stimulating the proprioceptive pathways, the Acoustic Aqua Bed helps to suppress the transmission of pain.
The generation of endorphins created by Acoustic Vibration also helps decrease the perception of pain.

By increasing circulation and forcing the relaxation of tight muscles, the underlying causes of pain are also addressed.

Inner Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed:
• Decrease Pain
• Increase Bone Density
• Accelerate Wound Repair
• Move Lymphatic Fluids
• Increase Strength
• Increase Coordination
• Accelerate Detoxification Benefits
  • Stimulate Nerve Growth
  • Stimulate Release of Growth Hormones
  • Lower Cortisol
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Generate Endorphins
A 7.8 hertz frequency will not only vibrate the body at 7.8 hertz, it will also cause entrainment in the brain at the same frequency (theta waves), thus while the body is being gently rocked back and forth in a relaxing rhythm, the brain is also led to resonate in the theta wave orange.

In this manner both the body and the mind release their tension. The rhythmic rocking or tremor that is seen in certain brain and nerve disorders (Autism, Parkinson’s, etc) is not just a symptom of these conditions, it is also a therapy for them.

Stimulation to the nerves with gentle rocking has been shown to help coordinate and balance the different branches of the nervous system.